Battlesight Zero

Paul Fiesel joined the Army in 1983 and spent nearly his entire career in Special Forces. In 2007, while in Afghanistan, Fiesel led his operational detachment on a rescue mission, reinforcing a friendly team under siege by over 300 Taliban. Fiesel reached them through heavy fire and loaded their dead and wounded into his vehicles. So may casualties were loaded up that no seats were available for Fiesel. He remained outside, running next to the trucks as mortar and machine gun fire rained down. He finally reached a position to bring in helicopters for evacuation. For his heroism, he was awarded the Silver Star.
In 2011, Fiesel found himself back in Afghanistan under similar circumstances. Another 4-man team was pinned down by Taliban, about to be overrun. Fiesel again led his soldiers across open terrain, up a hill, and attacked the enemy position with such ferocity that they scattered. He pursued them for another 10 kilometers, neutralizing several and collecting intelligence. For his outstanding role in saving the other team, Fiesel was awarded his second Silver Star.
Fiesel’s other awards include 4 Bronze Stars, 3 Army Commendation with “V”, and a Purple Heart. He retired from the Army as a Master Sergeant.

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