Fredericksburg 2019 Election Lawsuit

A lawsuit filed December 31, 2019, contesting the results of the 2019 Fredericksburg City Charter Fluoride Amendment Election is finally scheduled to go before the 216th District Court in Kerrville on October 10, 2022.

Two weeks after the judge announced the date of the trial during a status meeting with the lawyers on July 20, 2022, it was reported that the Gillespie County Election Administrator, Annissa Herrera had resigned, followed by Terry Hamilton who is now running for local office and then shortly thereafter, the one remaining part time staff person.

Subsequently, following the coverage of the news of Herrera vacating her position in the local Fredericksburg Standard, there has been a synchronicity of publicity surrounding the resignations. It seems the local news story is circulating nationally repeating the same inaccuracies and the unfounded claims of harassment, threats and social media intimidation made by Herrera in inflammatory rhetoric. The local paper failed to do due diligence to properly and thoroughly investigate the facts, unfounded claims, and allegations in order to present their findings in an unbiased responsible manner. However, a more complete picture may soon unfold.

We the People deserve lawful, fair and verifiable elections. The Texas Election Code Watcher provisions ensure transparency and are important fraud prevention measures. What happens to the integrity of the election when these mandatory election laws are ignored?

The 2019 Election Contest has been filed alleging election officials violated numerous mandatory constitutional and election laws, and that the Election results should be declared void due to mistakes, illegalities, and/or potential fraud.

Though this was a city election, it was conducted by the Gillespie County Elections Department headed by Election Administrator, Anissa Herrera, and Central Counting Presiding Judge, Terry Hamilton.

Official Poll Watchers present at elections held after the 2019 Charter Amendment Election contend that many of the same issues have since continued to plague the Gillespie County elections despite repeated direct communications to Anissa Herrera from the Secretary of State warning of the violations.

The lawsuit was filed in order to restore election integrity and confidence in Gillespie County.

If the judge finds that so many material illegalities occurred and the election results cannot be ascertained or validated, the court has the authority to declare the election void and a new election could be ordered.

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