Harper, it is a changing.

Harper, it is a changing.

After living here for the last year and a half (after over thirteen years in Fredericksburg), I can tell you that I have come to love the people of Harper!

People with welcoming smiles, friendly waves while driving down the road, and those willing to open their hearts (and sometimes their wallets) to help someone in need.

Those are the some of the things that everyone needs to hang onto as change sweeps into this sweet little town.

Even as I write this, new housing developments are going in which will bring more new residents and also new businesses will certainly open.

Unfortunately, growing pains are a standard part of the change process, but it is how we handle those “pains” that makes all the difference.

Many will say that they just want things to stay the way they are, but we all know that just isn’t how it goes.

Change can be difficult as it brings new and different facets to our daily lives, such as increased traffic, longer waits to get to the gas pump, or standing in line a little
longer to check out.

Fortunately, we can take the “new and different” and make it our own!

Maybe leaving a few minutes earlier couldn’t hurt to avoid traffic or possibly using the few minutes before getting to the gas pump as a time to take a breather.

As for the long line before the cash register, there’s a chance to make a new acquaintance in front or behind you.

There is usually an opportunity to get something good out of a situation, if you’re willing to try.

Good can come from new businesses opening and new people coming to Harper.

We can start that good by recognizing that opening a new business is not an easy process and moving to a new town has its own difficulties.

Would you be the patron that makes the difference in the day of that new business owner or be the neighborly person that welcomes that newcomer to our town?

If everyone takes the time for that smile, that wave, or opening their heart to others, we can keep the small-town feel while welcoming a bright future for Harper!

Hollie Baker

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