On August 25, 1968, 19-year-old Sergeant William Seay served as one of 81 truck drivers in a massive resupply convoy.

A battalion of NVA ambushed them, trapping over half the vehicles in a mile-long kill zone. Seay dismounted and started fighting back from behind a wheel of his truck, loaded down with high-explosive artillery powder charges. He quickly killed 2 enemy just meters away, and picked off a sniper out of a tree. A grenade landed under the truck behind his. Seay sprinted from cover, snatched it, and hurled it back at the enemy, killing 4 more. Another grenade bounced under his own truck. Seay sprinted back and tossed this one at more assaulting NVA. An enemy bullet slammed into Seay’s right wrist. He continued fighting as he moved toward the rear of the convoy for medical aid. He took cover in a ditch next to the road when 3 NVA appeared shooting at soldiers nearby. Seay rose and killed all 3, firing his rifle left handed. Before he could drop out of sight, a sniper shot Seay in the head, killing him instantly.
The ambush lasted nearly 10 hours. APCs and huey gunships finally drove the enemy away. Seay was one of 31 American’s killed. For his heroism and initiative protecting the convoy and his fellow soldiers, Seay was posthumously awarded the Medal of Honor.

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