On June 3rd at about 11:30pm, Kimble County interdiction deputies working under Operation Lone Star, identified a suspicious vehicle traveling north on U.S. 377 south of Junction.

Following a traffic stop and roadside investigation, two male subjects, one being a U.S citizen and the other, a citizen of Honduras, were arrested for smuggling three undocumented aliens in violation of Texas Penal Code: 20.05.
The subject from Honduras, identified as: Luis Antonio Zavala Anariba, had been previously apprehended by the United States Border Patrol and released after being issued a notice to appear in court.
* NOTE: This is not the fault of the U.S. Border Patrol, (an excellent organization), as they are bound by directives and orders which they must follow.
It is a common occurrence for local law enforcement officers across Texas to apprehend foreign nationals who choose to engage in criminal activity after being apprehended and then released. Here in Kimble County, we often come across smuggling loads in which the driver is a foreign national, sometimes previously documented and sometimes not.
The three undocumented aliens were released to Border Patrol and the two male co-conspirators are being held in the Kimble County Jail on felony charges, one felony charge per undocumented alien smuggled.

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