We apologize for the lack of updates this week but we’ve been pretty busy.

There are numerous ongoing investigations and an almost constant stream of anti-human smuggling cases. Kimble County Patrol and Interdiction Deputies have apprehended over 150 undocumented aliens in May. We have seized numerous firearms involved in criminal activity, some of them stolen. There have been pursuits, bail-out’s, and manhunts. It been a pretty wild month in general. Detailed below are just a couple incidents from yesterday.
On 05/31/2022, at approximately 3:45am, Patrol and Interdiction deputies stopped two vehicles that were traveling northbound in tandem on US Hwy 377. Both vehicles were found to be smuggling undocumented aliens. During the search of one suspect vehicle, deputies located three firearms-one reported stolen out of Dallas. Both drivers, US citizens, were arrested for human smuggling offenses and firearm-related offenses and a total of seven undocumented aliens were released to US Border Patrol.
Later that afternoon, at approximately 4:15pm, Interdiction Deputies stopped a vehicle and discovered the driver, a US citizen, was smuggling four undocumented aliens. The driver was arrested for human smuggling offenses and the undocumented aliens were transferred to US Border Patrol.

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